Earning Money…

(From the song “Romans Road”)

REVIEW: All of us sin and fall short of God’s perfect standard.

“For the wages of sin is death…”

Romans 6:23a NIV

When I was a kid, I was always short of money. I remember I’d ask my mom, “What can I do to earn a few dollars?” She’d think it over and give me a list. It would include mowing the yard, sweeping out the garage, and washing our yellow car.

It would take me all afternoon to get the list done. I’d show her my work. And do you know what she would give me? A kiss on the forehead? A pat on the back?

Nope. She gave me money. The money she gave me was my wage for working. That’s what I wanted!

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. What does that mean? That means that just like the money in my pocket resulted from my work, death resulted from sin. When we work, we deserve our pay, but because we sin we all deserve death. Sin is the reason people die. Before sin came in the world, there was no sickness or death. The reason people get old and die is sin. In Heaven, there’ll be no more sin and no more death! That’s why believing in Jesus is so important. We need him because the wages of our sin is death.

PARENTS: Share how you earned money as a kid.

KIDS: What do you do to earn money?

DISCUSSION: Do you understand what “the wages of sin is death” means? Remember how we all hurt other people (remember my story about Randy)? And we all fall short of God’s perfect standard (remember my pull-ups story)? Well the result (or “wages”) of our sin and falling short is death.

PRAY: “Thank you Lord that even though the wages of sin is death, you provide an answer through your son Jesus.”chapter-6-photo.jpg


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