The Gray Pigeon..

(From the song “Romans Road”)

REVIEW: The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus.

If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Romans 10:9 NIV

What does it mean to “declare” and “believe?” Here’s a story that helps us understand.

When my dog Daisy needs to go outside, we take her out the back door of our garage. Once when I was taking her out at night, she froze and stared at a dark corner in the garage. I squinted and tried to see what she saw, but it looked like nothing was there.

“Come on Daisy, let’s go,” I said, tapping my leg.

Like a statue, she wouldn’t move. She just kept staring. “Daisy,” I said impatiently. She leaned in closer to sniff whatever it was she saw. Now I was curious. I picked Daisy up and brought her inside. Then I got a flashlight and went back out to get a better look. To my surprise, we had a visitor in our garage. What was it?

A pigeon! A gray pigeon.

The poor little guy huddled in the corner of our garage. His gray color made him hard to see in the dark. Somehow he got in there and didn’t know how to get out. I opened the back door and gently guided him out with a broom. As soon as he saw the outdoors, he took off! As he flew away, I knew he was a happy pigeon.

My dog knew the pigeon was there, and she was trying to tell me. My dog believed the pigeon was in the corner and declared it through her actions.


Jesus wants us to say how much we love and trust him. He wants us to tell others, to say it out loud. Our love for Jesus needs to be declared to our friends. We should always be willing to say “Jesus is Lord” even if others don’t agree. Just like I couldn’t see the pigeon, sometimes people can’t “see” who Jesus is. But we should still keep declaring. Sometimes we can be the ones to help them “see.”


Jesus doesn’t want us to just say it, but he wants us to believe that he died on the cross for our sin, and that God raised him back to life on the third day. It all happened! Just like my dog believed that little gray bird was there, even though I couldn’t see it at first. Sometimes others don’t believe in Jesus either. But when we “declare” and “believe,” it will sometimes make them curious. Just like my dog made me curious!

PARENTS: Share a story about someone you know who likes telling people about the love of Jesus.

KIDS: Draw a picture of a gray pigeon.

PRAY: “Lord, thank you that all we have to do is believe in your son, Jesus, to have eternal life with you.”chapter-8-photo.jpg


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