The Monkey Bars…

(From the song “Eagles Wings”)

REVIEW: The Bible gives us a “picture” of God. He is everlasting, the creator of all, and he never grows weary.

“He gives strength to the weary

    and increases the power of the weak.”

Isaiah 40:29 NIV

When my kids were small, we would ride our bikes to neighborhood parks, where they would play while I watched them. They climbed the jungle gym, scaling ladders, and rock walls. They’d get stuck on one place, though. The monkey bars.

Most playgrounds had monkey bars, which is kind of like a sideways ladder stretched across two points. My kids would grab the bars and hang in the air. Then they would grab the next bar until they were in the middle, with the ground a few feet below their dangling feet. And then they’d stop and hang there for a moment, realizing they were too tired to continue and afraid to drop to the ground.


What they didn’t know is I was always right behind them, ready to catch them any time. As soon as I heard “Dad,” I’d wrap my arms around their waist and lower them to the ground.

That’s how God is in your life.

When we get tired and weak, all we need to do is call on him. He’s always there, ready to help us. We’re never alone. We never need to be afraid.

Just call out for him.

PARENT: Share a memory when your child called out for you and you were there. You can also share a memory of your childhood when you called out for your parents and they were there to help you.

ART: Draw a picture of a monkey. Give him a funny name.

PRAY: “Thank you Lord that you help me when I get weak and tired.”


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